Were you dealt with a super tiny laundry room? Why not make the most of it? Having a small laundry room doesn’t mean you need to render figuring out some clever storage options. With a hint of creativity, you are able to invent a space where everything you need can come together…and then some.

  1. Shelving in Corners. Unused corners of your laundry room are actually awesome areas to add shelving. These days, there are so many options and you can almost always discover something perfect to go in your space. The corners are a great place to store supplies such as cleaning products, detergent and any other items that could take up space.
  1. Storage Bins & Baskets. After adding shelves, try and scrap up all your laundry supplies and place them in baskets or bins or any other creative storage containers you want. Another idea, if you don’t have too much stuff to store, you can always use the bins/baskets to maybe showcase some of your personal decor.
  1. Wall Storage. One of the keys to attaining success in a small laundry room is taking advantage of your space; moving up, literally. Hanging wire racks can work great for hanging up items to dry or installing an actual drying rack on the actual ceiling. The ceiling is another overlooked area you can utilize and it can make all the difference especially in a tiny room.
  1. Drawers Under Washer/Dryer. This the most recently used tiny laundry room hack. Using drawers under your units are basically perfect for saving space. These drawers fit snug and also raise up your units making them easier to access and less work for your back! Most of the newer washer and dryer units come standard with this, but if not, simple contact your nearest handy man and get it going!
  1. Don’t Forget About Your Doors! Another common overlooked place to utilize storage space is the back of your laundry room door. Over-the-door shoe storage is a great option for small supplies and/or hooks that can be mounted providing space to hang hangers, bags or clothing.

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