If you believe that you need a spare room or big extra room in your home for workspace you are thinking the wrong way! Work-friendly spaces can come about from a spare corner or any other area you deemed inefficient. Here are some inspiring office ideas to light the fire under your home office project:

  1. Room with A View. There is no reason to not let sunlight in, especially when it comes to being bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Placing a chair or desk by or in front of a window will help you stay alert and give you some extra Vitamin D! Filling up empty corners and keeping your furniture in sync with other pieces helps your work space blend effortlessly into your bedroom’s look.
  1. Non- Traditional Desk. You may think that having a common work desk in your home office means you’ll be efficient and make it feel like you’re actually at work, well you’re thinking wrong again! Not only does a unique and charming piece of furniture help maybe in storage, it can also give your office a little style. Using let’s say, an armoire is a good example of efficient desk and can provide extra space for housing work supplies.
  1. Pop of Color. Think Bright! If you’d like to make a space where you need to get work done and have fun at the same time, incorporating a cool color scheme works well. Whatever works with your style color is a useful tool in separating work and play or even combining the two if need be. Whatever you choose, just remember to give your productive space some personality and life.
  1. Build Your Wall. If you happen to be short on space, a wall that is not being used is valuable. Installing simple and easy shelving can make a world of a difference when you consider to build up rather than wide. This can also be helpful in breaking up a wall when it is painted a bright color.
  1. ZzZzZz. Gone are the days where your bedroom can only be used for sleeping. Inserting a desk and a chair to tie the room in is a good alternative for your home office. Making smart choices when it comes to decorating your office will leave your work zone feeling like just a natural extension of your bedroom.

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