If you’ve been able to commit to clearing out your garage, there is a good chance that you will be surprised when you see all of the free space you actually have at your disposal. While wanting your garage to be spacious for parking your vehicle you also will want it to be functional. Below are a handful of what we would consider must haves before you can create your magical garage space:

Good Lighting. The quality of your garage depends on what you can see yourself doing, literally. Not having adequate lighting leads to mistakes and wasted time. A good combination of ceiling lighting and portable work lighting around you can transform your garage into a vibrant and creative one. Using LED lighting is recommended because they use less energy, do not get too hot and are provide just the right amount of light.

Workbench. A sturdy and functional workbench is equipped with features including overhead LED lights, multiple drawers and a slat wall and/or pegboard.

Tool Chest. Tool chests provide ample drawer space and a space to organize your tools. It is a perfect compliment to a workbench and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one.

Coated Floors. Upgrading your garage floor with a coat provides a clean polished look. Aside from just looking better, spills can be cleaned up more easily while still being able to keep that shine that a traditional garage floor doesn’t offer.

Power Strip and Extension Cords. Having a good amount of supply strips and extension cords at hand make work easier and more efficient. Since most convenient garage tools require you will need a decent amount of free power outlets.

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