Messy pantries lead to expired foods, over buying of certain items and frustration when you can’t find what you need in the middle of cooking or feeding your family quickly on the go. So, here are a few tips to help you get your panty organized and user friendly.

  1. Purge the Pantry– Before you can organize you must first clean out and purge your pantry. (Now don’t panic. Everything will be ok. Promise!) Clean out any food that is expired, give away what you don’t need, and categorize the remaining food by type. Taking everything out, then purging will help with how you design your storage and also free up some space for the rest.
  2. Compact for Freshness – Transfer to save space and promote freshness. Cereal can be emptied into large canisters and baking supplies can be put into clear canisters or mason jars with tight fitting lids.
  3. Elevated Storage– To guarantee everything is visible at a glance, a set of bleachers for cans and other stored objects will help.
  4. Tool Storage – If space is permitted, store specific cooking tools like mixing bowls or baking pans in the pantry necessary for the baking goods.
  5. Bin Storage – For small, individually wrapped snacks, store them in a bin. Organize snacks by type and label the bin for quick, easy access. This saves space, time and accumulation of unwanted boxes.
  6. Group Together – Store items you use together in a container, so when cooking all you have to do is grab and go. Who wants to hunt for items when cooking? For example, group together baking items in one bin or basket. That way all you have to do is make one trip to the pantry and all your ingredients are right in front of you.
  7. Fingertip Finds – Place frequently used items at eye level in the pantry. Use floor space for more practical pieces, such as recycling containers and produce bins.
  8. Pack for Safety – To prevent items from being smashed, enclose them in various containers. For example, put chips and breads inside baskets. Easy access and no mess.

Organizing your pantry can be overwhelming, but when done correctly and completely the result is all worth it. Pantry organization saves time, energy and unwanted frustration. It provides a more relaxing time for meal preparation and family interaction. Organization is the key to success!

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