Clothes and everything else that you can think to throw on the floor can ultimately ruin the energy flow and relaxed mood of your bedroom. Instead of freeing your mind and basking in the clutter free atmosphere of your space, you contend to chaos and disorganization.

Being bothered is one thing, but it is another thing to have to clean up the mess you have so wonderfully created. Don’t make the decision to stay trapped in a room full of mess, free it up and embrace the fresh clear area you can easily have by upgrading your closet system.

Install Container Shelving. Standard fitted closets are not known to be flexible when it comes to assisting odd-shaped and sized items. Adjustable container shelves allow you to customize the configuration inside your closet space, freeing up ample space and allowing your favorite pair of thigh high boots to shine on display. You can also add or remove containers as you deem fit depending on your wants and needs.

Expand Your Closet. Instead of choosing to have that stand-alone, bulky piece of furniture storing all your belongings opt to have a built-in closet incorporated into your wall. You can take advantage of the entire wall if need be and even add hooks to hang items or organizing baskets. If you’re thinking of replacing your conventional door with a sliding or accordion foldable type door go ahead and make the change, that way you can still use space in front of the cabinet for storage.

Boost Organizers. Bundling up some of your more bulkier items like towels or winter clothes and placing them in their own separate organizer compartments can help eliminate crowded space. This also leaves your designated folding section strictly for light foldable materials.

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