Does even the thought of cleaning out your closet drive you crazy? Eliminating the clutter from your wardrobe is a chore and often times we procrastinate to a point that our closets are barely accessible.   At this point we have no choice, but to start tossing out those items that no longer fit or that we haven’t worn in years.  Well, hopefully these closet organization tips will help motivate you and provide you with some tips to make this chore a little easier.

Health Benefits of Eliminating the Clutter

Have you ever procrastinated over a specific chore only to tackle it head on and then feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted?  Something as simple as organizing your closet can have a massive impact on your mental and physical health.

Research has shown that living with clutter makes it harder for us to relax, inhibits our creativity, and reduces our productivity. Clutter can take our attention away from the things we should be focused on, causing us to procrastinate and our minds to drift. If you’re having trouble concentrating or often find yourself frenzied, organizing a small part of your environment can help.

Getting Overwhelmed by a Cluttered Closet

There’s no question that when we’re in an environment of messy spaces it takes a toll on your health. A study conducted in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin determined women with cluttered homes had increase levels of cortisol – a stress hormone – and reported being depressed and fatigued more often than their tidy peers. Returning to a messy home and a long to-do list could cause cortisol levels to remain high all day, impacting your sleep, mood, and weight. If you don’t have time to tackle all the projects on your to-do list, a quick 10-second tidy can reduce stress and boost your mood.

Now that summer is coming to an end and our kids are going back to school it is an excellent time to tackle that cluttered closet.  As they say, “out with the old and in with the new”.

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