Now that you’re committed to organizing your closets and dressers, getting started can be difficult because you may not know where to begin.  Relax for a second and then follow the below steps to a create a clutter less wardrobe.

What to Keep, Toss, or even Sell?

Designate an area to put everything from your closet and dressers; we recommend using your bed to avoid having to bend or crouch on the floor. Once everything is removed from your closet and dresser drawers, it’s time to begin sorting.

Clothes in your laundry basket is an automatic keep; they have obviously been worn recently and are part of your weekly rotation. A good rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn an item in over a year, it’s time to part with it. Before you toss something, inspect it for holes, fraying seams, missing buttons, etc. If the pieces are still in good condition, consider putting them in the donation pile and bringing them to a local charity such as Dress for Success or Goodwill. Brand-name pieces that you no longer wear or use can often be resold online or at a consignment shop. Still not sure what you should do with a piece? Use our handy flowchart to help you decide!

Custom Closet Solutions Winter Park, Florida

The custom closet experts at Masterpiece Closets, can help by providing creative storage solutions to meet your needs while helping to improve the beauty and functionality of your reach-in closet.  We build custom to your exact design specifications turning your closet into a wonderful personal space that you will enjoy for years.  Contact us today!

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