What type of hanger should I use?

There are few different types of hangers: wood, wire, felt, and plastic. Honestly, I try to avoid wire hangers all together. They may be economical to purchase, however they can deform your clothing, cause wrinkles, and even transfer rust from the hanger to your favorite piece of clothing. Also, wire hangers often get tangled together and are very flimsy. They can sag under the weight of heavy garments, and clothing can slip and fall to the floor.

Wood and felt hangers generally work well and are aesthetically pleasing. However, they can be a bit expensive, so if you’re a bit more cost conscience, purchase plastic hangers. They are inexpensive, come in an array of colors, and work well.

What clothes should be hung and what clothes should be folded?

Clothes to Hang: Dresses, Blouses and dress shirts, Dress pants, Blazers, Skirts, and Ties

Clothes to fold: T-shirts, Jeans, Knitwear, Belts, Bras, and Items with heavy embellishments

Tips on Folding Clothes

Socks: Lay matching socks on top of each other. Fold the open ends halfway down. Fold the toes up to so the ends meet and tuck them into the leg holes.

Button-Downs: Dress shirts are usually hung; however, if you are travelling or short on space, knowing how to properly fold can help prevent wrinkles. Start by placing the shirt button side-down on a flat surface. Fold one sleeve a third of the way across the back. Flip the sleeve over and down so it is aligned with your fold. Repeat this technique with the other sleeve so it is lying flat and slightly overlapping your first fold. Fold the hem of the shirt up to the back collar to complete the process.

Shirts: Lay your shirt on a flat surface. Use your right hand to grasp it between the shoulder seam and collar while your left hand pinches the fabric halfway down the shirt; both hands should be aligned. Fold your right hand over your left hand in a straight line and grab the bottom hem of the shirt. Still pinching, lift the shirt and uncross your arms. Fold the shirt in half one more time, and you are done!

Bras: A messy underwear drawer could be ruining your favorite bras. Stack them in your drawer to help them maintain their form and last longer.

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