After all your hard work tossing out, hanging, and folding, now it’s time to take inventory of your wardrobe. Use the below checklist as a guide to building a timeless wardrobe. These items make up the basis of any great wardrobe and won’t go out of style.  So, if you have a little extra cash, go ahead and invest in the below listed garments.

Men: White button-down, Colored button-down, Crewneck sweater, Solid polo shirt, Slim-fit chinos, Well tailored suit, Dark jeans, Quality T-shirts, Leather belt to match shoes, Colorful socks, Dress shoe, Casual leather shoe, Dress watch, Solid tie, and V-neck sweater

Women: Short-sleeve white T-shirt, Long-sleeve black shirt, Neutral color cardigan, Dark skinny jean, Pencil skirt, Blazer, White dress shirt, Black turtleneck, Wrap dress, Crewneck sweater, Black pants, Casual sneakers, Ballet flats, Black pumps, and Trench coat

DIY Shoe Rack: Finding space to store all your shoes can be tricky and often ends with piles of flip-flops and flats at the bottom of your closet. This DIY shoe rack is customizable to fit all your favorite shoes, even your knee-high leather boots!

Supplies needed for this DIY: Thick plywood, Wooden dowels, Wood screws, Drill, Tap measure, Sandpaper, Sanding block, Circular saw, Casters (optional)


  1. Determine the dimensions for your shoe rack. Start by measuring the length and width of your closet, as well as the length of your largest shoe. Your shoe size will determine how narrow, or wide, your finished project can be. Measure your tallest shoes to get the height.
  2. Once you have your measurements, mark the length and depth on your piece of plywood. Cut along these lines with your circular saw and sand down the edges. Repeat this step so you have two shelves that are the same size for the top and bottom of your shoe rack.
  3. Mark the height of your tallest boot on the wooden dowels and cut four equal pieces.
  4. Time to get creative! Once you know the height of your shoe rack, you can add customized shelves within it using varying dowel heights.
  5. Once you have all your dowels and shelves cut, drill holes in the corners of each shelf, and in the ends of the dowels.
  6. Starting with the smallest inside pieces and working your way out to the longest boards, screw the shelves and dowels together.
  7. Optional step: Screw wheels to the bottom of your shoe rack for easy access and mobility.

One Final Tip: We’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating.  To avoid having to go through this process every few months, apply the rule of one-in-one-out to all your purchases. If you buy a new piece of clothing or pair of shoes, you must eliminate something from your closet to make room for them. This will help you stay organized and could help you save money!

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