Custom Closets and Storage Solutions in Orlando

Yes, you can say that today’s closets are “Coming Out”, that is, coming out from behind those dark and dull spaces into new exciting, stylish spaces that people are wanting to show off and spend time living in. Closets today are no longer just for storing and hiding away your winter clothes, boots, and coats.  Walk In Closets are becoming an extension of the bedrooms and living rooms.  Walk In Closets are incorporating the décor and style of the house.

Among the top trends in closet organization is the use of transparent storage materials, such as frosted doors and see-through drawers that allow stored goods to be displayed and viewed rather than hidden away.

Designers are also incorporating any number of finishes and colors to allow closets, especially in master suite closets to stand out. Instead of having a one-size-fits-all storage space, closets are becoming more personalized and are reflecting an individual’s needs and tastes.

Designers are putting closets in the spotlight.  Those dark, dreary closets are a thing of the past.  Designers are lighting up closets like never before to help find what you’re looking for and to help enhance your wardrobe. The use of natural lighting has become very popular and homeowners are also moving away from hiding everything they own behind closed doors. Closet Designers are using large sliding doors and curtains, or even allowing closets to occupy a more prominent place in a living area.

Designers are no longer wanting boxed closets and homeowners want their closets to be more individualized and personalized storage treatments.

Orlando Closet Designers

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