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The latest must-have trend up in some of Central Florida’s most lavish condominiums is something that might seem commonplace to home buyers in other parts of the country: spacious master-suite closets.

Having enough space to store your personal belongings has always been considered to be a must-have with many new home buyers, however many developers are now going well beyond the standard Walk-In Closets and Reach-In Closets to create closets where you might actually want to spend time.

The new closets of choice are huge dressing rooms the size of stand-alone bedrooms, arrangements with two separate walk-in closets for couples, and windowed rooms with precious natural light and views that were once reserved for the main living areas.

Many home owners and especially condo owners are even willing to reduce the size of their bedrooms and push that space into their closets, because the luxury buyer is looking for that large closet space.  Today, homeowners want the big walk-in closets, with a shoe counter in the middle and all the bells and whistles.

Today walk-in closets are nearly 30% larger than they were last decade and in luxury dwellings, more and more people want personalized closets.

Unlike kitchens and bathrooms, which are usually move-in ready at closing, most dressing rooms in new developments come largely empty.  Dressing rooms are bare, because custom closets are considered a personal thing.  Someone might be short and wear a lot of gowns, or they may be tall and very casual and need more folding and drawers.  Personalization and Customization is the hot trend in master closets in 2016.

Today’s closets are often where where some of the most expensive items in a home are stored so splurging on a dressing room might not be as outrageous as one would think.

Another trend is converting children’s bedrooms into dressing rooms.  Many empty nesters are finding that their 3rd and 4th bedrooms are no longer necessary, so they’re giving themselves that master suite they’ve always wanted.

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