Not too surprisingly laundry rooms are usually one of the most active and unfortunately most cluttered rooms in a home. Most laundry rooms are not very organized and very inefficient. In addition to washing clothes, folding, ironing and sewing, many laundry rooms are also a space that is used for crafts and hobbies.  For many, the laundry room is a separate entryway to the home. 

When trying to organize your laundry room, think about how you use your laundry room.  Organize this space the same as you would most spaces.  As an example, if you need would like to fold clothes and air dry clothes in your laundry room, look at ways you can free up space for these necessary chores.

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Below we’ve listed some of the best ways you can free up space, eliminate clutter, and increase the amount of available storage in your laundry room.

Stackable.  One the easiest ways to create space in your laundry room is to have a stackable washer and dryer.  Since these two appliances take up the most floor space, cutting this in half will do wonders for creating space.  Also, consider using storage pedestals under your washer and dryer. This will create added storage while taking up zero floor space. 

Front Loaders.  Many energy efficient front-loading washers and dryers fit under counters, which can provide lots of space for folding clothes and storage.

Custom Cabinets.  Installing custom cabinets, cupboards and drawers in a laundry do an amazing job of helping organize supplies and eliminating clutter. Customize storage systems, pull-out hampers, and pull-out baskets provide tremendous space and also helps eliminate clutter

Sewing and Ironing. Haven’t you always wanted a pull-out sewing machines and a pull-out ironing boards.  These items will help make your laundry room more efficient while taking up very little space.

Islands.  When we think of islands, we think kitchens and walk-in closets, however if the laundry room is large enough, consider adding an island to your laundry room.  This can provide great storage with cabinets and pull out drawers that will help organize many of your products and supplies.  Islands also provide a nice counter space as well.

Open Shelving. If your room is limited in space, consider open shelving units.  Open shelving provides quick access to laundry supplies and other essentials.

Closet Rods.  No longer does it take a long space to install a closet rod for hanging clothes.  Closet roods can be as little as one foot in length as long as you have the vertical space to hang your clothes.  This is practically a must have for most laundry rooms.

Wall organizers. Wall organizers can be used for an array of storage.  They are one of the best storage options for most laundry rooms.

Tip: The use of containers can help storing supplies and products, however we’ve seen many laundry rooms cluttered with containers on the floor leaving very little floor space.  Containers should be stored on shelving or wall units so as to free up your floor space.

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