If you open today’s modern family’s garage door, chances are you will discover an assortment of things such as old furniture, sports equipment, and maybe gardening supplies. Having these things around makes it impossible to move around inside or grab something without other things getting in the way. Sometimes, you just need to put your foot down and say enough is enough. It’s finally time to take control of your garage.  Below are some garage storage solution tips that will help you do just that:

Clean, Clean, Clean. First things first, cleaning, organizing and throwing out what you don’t need helps to create some kind of structure to enhancing your garage cleaning process. Selling, keeping, trashing and donating are good categories to create that free up space and help you realize what you actually have and what you will be keeping.

Ceiling Lift Storage. High and hard to reach places are the norm for storage that includes rarely used items like holiday decor, opt for a ceiling mounted shelf. Plastic bins can hold more than one type of item and is perfect for out of season materials. Items that you purchase in bulk should be kept near the inner part of the door to the house.

DIY Corner. A corner slat wall aids great in keeping supplies easily visible and accessible. Overhead cabinets or compartments that come with drawers and doors are useful if you’d like things to stay out of sight or for keeping certain types of equipment away from children and pets. Also, if your garage is not as big as you’d prefer it to be, a versatile cabinet is another option that adds flexibility to your space.

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