Garage Storage Solutions in Orlando, FL

is officially upon us and in Florida comes the question of where to put all the beach/pool stuff along with the jet skis and speed boat.  Since there are no basements and the attic is way too hot and not easily accessible to fit all of the water toys and transportation… the garage is the place to store it all.  This is why the garage needs to be tidy and organized.

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Consolidation is the first consideration when it comes to major storage. Items need to be grouped and given a specific designated area for storage within the garage’s available space. For instance, tools (gardening & mechanical), athletic equipment (balls, bikes, bats, etc.), seasonal decorations and recycling are some categories to name just a few. The pressure to get things organized, categorized and put into place can be a bit daunting which is why our organizational team at Masterpiece Closets is ready to assist you in designing optimum space for your garage.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to come out to your home for a free no obligation design and device consultation.

Masterpiece Closets suggest 4 popular garage organization tips that save both money and space:

  1. Garage Storage Mounting System – Fast, easy and efficient. It is easy to install and allows you to store more by making use of the entire wall. It can be customized or repositioned, making it flexible and also durable.
  2. Designated Work Bench Area – Provides functionality along with a useful workspace. This helps keep garage clutter to a minimum with added space accessible for tools and similar materials.
  1. Wire Shelving & Clear Bins – Provides immediate and easy identification of materials and organization layout. Most of all ensures hassle free storage.
  2. Definitive Grouping – Organization helps categorize materials into purpose and place. It sounds so practical and easy, but the reality of this definable storage by grouping is that it helps for a more manageable, efficient space that is easy to clean and keep up.

At Masterpiece Closets we offer a variety of the latest space saving storage ideas to your Florida garage clean and clutter free. Your garage can now be a functional space with lots of storage to fit the “other” big toys like cars, jet skis and the speed boat. Contact Masterpiece Closets today!

We can help assess your garage space and design an effective custom garage storage space just right for your family’s needs.  When you select Masterpiece Closets and Storage Solutions, what you get is an experienced team that can create the dream space you desire, gorgeous and functional. You get a Custom Masterpiece!