Reach-In Closets Solutions, Orlando, FL

I’m sure all of us would love to have a huge walk-in closet with a dressing area in our home.  A closet that is beautiful and well organized with our clothes organized by color and by season.  Our expensive shoes carefully displayed on the wall by type, and our precious jewelry displayed in such a manner that most jewelry stores would be jealous.   A space that allows us to retreat for some much needed rest and relaxation retreating.

Unfortunately, there are many home built with reach in closets instead of walk in closets.  However, the good news is that today there are several different ways to improve the beauty and functionality of your reach in closet.  Masterpiece Closets has been helping home owners for years convert simple, boring reach in closets into gorgeous spaces that are extremely functional.

Tips to help Improve the Beauty and Functionality of Reach-In Closets

Light Up Your Closet – How can a closet be beautiful if its dark and hard to see inside?  Sadly, most reach in closets have zero lighting.  Add recessed lights to your closet to help brighten up your wardrobe.

Eliminate the Clutter – It’s impossible for your reach in closet to be beautiful if it’s stuffed to ceilings with your personal belongings. Most reach in closets are not large enough to store all of your clothes so separate your clothes by season, storing your out of season clothes in another room or closet. Additionally, if you have not worn an item over the past year… get rid of it, better yet donate it. The likelihood of wearing the item is next to zero.  So, toss it out to help eliminate the clutter.

Get Organized – Closet organizers can make a reach–in closet highly efficient, however before you purchase any organizers, take time to understand how you will be using it.  Many organizers are purchased only to have been used for a short period of time because it wasn’t exactly what was needed.  Masterpiece Closets has performed thousands of custom closet installations over the past 30 years.  Our team of courteous designers and installers have seen it all and can provide creative storage solutions to meet your needs. Request a Free Consultation.

Customize Your Doors – Sliding doors, French doors, and barn doors seem to be the most popular today.   Custom molding, trim work, mirrors, corkboard, and chalkboard can be added features to the doors to help decorate and improve functionality.

Enhance with Color – The inside of Reach In Closets are some of the most forgotten about walls in a home.  Most homeowners don’t even consider adding to color to closets because they are generally hidden.  However, adding color with paint or wallpaper can transform your drab Reach In Closet to a new exciting space.  Color can also be added to your closet via storage baskets, bins, containers, and other closet storage systems.

Think Outside the Box – Just because you’ve always considered it to be a reach-in closet doesn’t mean it has to be a reach in closet.  Consider using the space for something else. Some homeowners have converted them into wardrobes, craft spaces, bookshelves, home office, etc.

Reach-In Closets Orlando, FL

The custom closet experts at Masterpiece Closets, can help by providing creative storage solutions to meet your needs while helping to improve the beauty and functionality of your reach-in closet.  We build custom to your exact design specifications turning your closet into a wonderful personal space that you will enjoy for years.  Contact us today!