If your home is like most than organizing the laundry room is at best an afterthought. The room is noisy; no one really enjoys it since it is a chore room.  Guests rarely see it, so it gets very little attention; and it’s usually small and constricted.

Many of us just close to door as if to say I don’t even want to see you. However, when the laundry room gets cluttered and unorganized, doing the laundry can be a much greater chore than it really has to be.  In fact, if the room is well organized and clutter free, you never know you might use it as an extra space to rest and relax. Well, maybe that’s taking it a little too far, but the below tips can surely make your life easier while doing the laundry.

Remove the Clutter from Your Wardrobe

The first step to gain the upper hand in the battle against clutter is to reduce it throughout your home, not just where you do the laundry. It’s impossible to tackle a cluttered laundry room when you have nowhere to store clothing once it’s clean. In summer, sweaters aren’t just laundry you haven’t yet done; they’re clutter. If the bulk of your organization problem is off-season clothing, it’s time to clean out those closets and make room for more.

While it may be tricky to sort some items, it’s easy to separate clothing by season. Purge items you and family members no longer wear or have outgrown. Most households need the most help with the third step, Assign a Home.

Space is already at a premium in your laundry room, so don’t crowd it with coats in the summer and beach towels in the winter; that only exacerbates the clutter problem. The SPACE system doesn’t specify where you designate a place for your items; if you’ve run out of room, search for self-storage options online to find your closet away from home. Keep off-season wardrobes in a storage unit to free your closets to hold clothes that are in season. Once you find room for your off-season clothes, the last two steps of the SPACE method become easy.

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