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In a recent blog post back on July 3rd, we discussed a few features that come with todays custom walk-in closets.   With the increasing popularity of home design television shows, many walk-in closets have gone from 20-30 square foot spaces within bedrooms to massive stand alone rooms with various types of features and designs.  Todays walk-in closets look much like retail clothing stores, lounges, and spas used not only to store and display a wardrobe, but to also relax, lounge, and unwind.

In the first part of our blog post we discussed 3 features of walk-in closets.  They were organizational systems, closet islands, and jewelry drawers.  Below we will discuss 3 more types of features that we are creating within custom walk-in closets.

Lounge furniture – Many homeowners today are requesting sitting rooms to be created within their custom walk-in closet.  As mentioned, today walk-in closets are not just used to dress/ undress and store stuff, they are also being used to lounge. Many homeowners want to use this space to rest and lounge.  We’re adding lounge furniture within these spaces to give homeowners a place to go and unwind after a long day at the office.  Lounge furniture that is being used in these spaces are recliners, couches, love seats, and chaise lounge chairs.

Belt and Tie Racks – In the past many home owners would store their belts or ties on a standard clothes hanger or tie/belt hanger.  However, custom walk-in closets today feature custom designed racks for storing belts and ties.   Many of these racks are hidden racks that pull-out and take up virtually no space.

Ironing boards – Many homeowners iron their clothes in the walk-in closets and not in their laundry rooms.  So, it makes sense to have a custom designed ironing board in their custom walk-in closet.  Also, the old stand up ironing board is cumbersome, unbalanced, and seems to not want to lock in position many times.  Additionally, you have to find a spot within the closet that has an electrical outlet.  Well, today’s custom walk-in closet, conveniently features a hidden, slide out or pull out ironing board. This custom built ironing board takes up very little spaces and makes your ironing a breeze.

Walk-In Closets Contractor Orlando, FL

With the help of Masterpiece Closets, we can help design your dream walk-in closet.  We have many custom styles, features, and designs to help turn your closet into a wonderful personal space that you will enjoy for years.