Custom Walk-In Closet Systems Orlando, FL

Walk-in closets have become extremely popular lately, especially with the rise and popularity of all of the home design and lifestyle television shows.  Today’s walk-in closets are no longer 4×6 spaces that were primarily used for hanging clothes. Walk-in closets today are no longer just an extension of a bedroom, they are much larger, stand alone rooms used for storing clothes, displaying a wardrobe, lounging and relaxing.  Walk-in closets today are looking more like retail clothing showrooms, lounges, and spas.

Today’s walk-In closets have many features.  In the first part of this blog post we will discuss 3 different types of features of walk-in closets.

Organizational Systems – Many of today’s walk-in closets include organizational products and one closet organization system does not fit all.  Fortunately, Masterpiece Closets has an array of systems and designs and is able to custom design your walk-in closet’s organization system to fit your needs.  One product that is very hot at the moment are built in hampers. Many of our hampers are custom designed. Because of their size hampers can store larger items that are tucked away nicely.  Hampers can have a pull out or tilt out design and many hampers are used to replace the traditional bulky laundry baskets.

Closet Islands – Similar to kitchens, islands within closets stand out and are a focal point.  Some walk-in closets have multiple islands which include various types of drawers or shelves with organizational products to help increase and improve storage.  They also have various types of custom counter tops such as wood, granite or marble.

Jewelry Drawers – Jewelry drawers are perfect for inconspicuously storing valuables within a walk-in closet.  Many jewelry drawers are cleverly hidden to better protect your valuables from thieves.  Jewelry drawers are lined with velvet or felt and beautifully display your jewelry upon opening the drawer.  Jewelry organizers have come a long way and include many different types of organizational components to store and display your valuables.

Walk-In Closet Systems Orlando, FL

If you want your walk-in closet to be sleek and stylish, but also provide organization and functionality, contact Masterpiece Closets for a free consultation. Let us design your closet masterpiece today!