One of today’s new trend is towards making the decision to live in smaller spaces, or to downsize. Living this way helps people focus more on growing a career, saving money, or living a more clutter free life. Whatever the reason, many people today are shedding the excess and looking for ways to make the best of it. Maximizing small spaces can help you move around more freely, add organization, or simplify your space. The following tips are good guidelines to follow, to embrace and squeeze as much acreage out of your small home as possible.

Create Special Zones

First way to make your modest space feel comparable to a spacious home is to create separate “zones” designated for different things.  Take for example, one feature of an average home is a mudroom for families to unpack their belongings after a long day of school and work. Wall mounted coat hangers and a small bench close to the door can create a mudroom and make a modest home feel larger if the mudroom stands a part from the other areas of the space.

Customize Your Closet

A custom closet will create additional space in your home that you didn’t realize you had. This is because custom closets are specially designed to fit a space and can even be designed to take advantages of unused spaces like the corners of a room. Masterpiece Closets can schedule an appointment for one of their skilled closet designers to come to your home for a free design consultation and measures the space in question and take inventory of your belongings.  From there they are trained to help you make the most of your space through collaborating with you to create a beautiful and functional design. Although custom closets might seem like a luxury to most people, they can be completely affordable, as a designer will carefully help you design a closet that works within your budget.

Resist The Urge to Over-decorate

Through the years, we acquire things that may have more sentimental value than others. Since our homes are an extension of ourselves, we have a tendency to personalize our space through decorating. In a small space that creates an overcrowding problem. Small spaces need breathing room and decorating every shelf creates clutter and   negates the feeling of openness.  If you simply can’t live without showing off that collection of crystal bowls or fine china be sure to group, the like pieces together.

Multi-Functioning Pieces Are a Must

Multi-functionality is your ally when it comes to maximizing your small space. You’ll want to add components that can function as more than one thing. Murphy Beds are a perfect example of dual functionality, since they can fold up to become shelving space by day and can fold down to become a perfectly suitable makeshift bedroom by night.

Orlando Custom Closet Designers and Storage Solutions Experts

Small spaces can present large problems, but with the right design and organizational concepts they can transform into very functional and quite unique spaces. At Masterpiece Closets we can help you get the most space out of your small space. Many of our clients live in Winter Park, Heathrow, Lake Mary, Lake Nona, Dr. Phillips, Windermere, and Downtown Orlando.  Give us a call today and we can schedule an consultation to help you maximize your home space.