If you’ve never seen or experienced a wall bed you may wonder how it actually works. Typically designed for a small space or home office, a wall bed is considered to save space and offer flexibility. Our wall beds are thoughtfully created to integrate our custom systems proving that you do not have to give up your style where you space is limited.

  1. What exactly is a Wall bed? A wall bed is a hinged bed that can be stored vertically or horizontally along a wall. When not in use it can be folded up against the wall to create space where it is needed. A wall bed also allows you to take advantage of your floor space whether it is in your office, bedroom, spare room or any other type of room you have.
  1. Is a Wall bed comfortable? Attaining its name from the inventor, William L. Murphy, wall beds were created to provide comfort and also provide efficiency. In conclusion, they are very comfortable! You are able to choose your own mattress and depending on your length, you can select a mattress that is up to 12 feet depending on the model!
  1. Where does a Wall bed go? It ultimately depends on the layout of the room you want the wall bed to go but it is ideal if you have a smaller space: A condo, studio or apartment. It is 100% up to you where you’d like your wall bed to be placed and we offer a range of bed sizes to accommodate your needs.
  1. Is the wall bed easy to lower and raise? Yes, yes, yes! Wall beds are designed to make the process of accessing and putting the bed away effortless. It is safe and lightweight ensuring you won’t have a problem for everyday use.
  1. How did the Wall bed get its name? If you caught the fun fact in answer number two you might already know the answer to this question. Wall beds obtained their name from their inventor, William L. Murphy. He lived in a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco in the late 19th century. His inspiration came from courting a young opera singer however during that time, ladies were unable to enter a gentleman’s bedroom. Fighting for his chance at love, Murphy invented the wall bed allowing him to keep his bed in his closet transforming his small bedroom apartment into a parlor instead.

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