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Did you know that according to Gallup, 1/3 of all Americans are working from home? However, for those who are not entrepreneurs or whose job doesn’t require working from home, it’s hard to justify dedicating an entire room in your house for home office space.

When designing your home office, one important consideration is to make sure your home office is designed so that it’s easy for you to multi-task.  For most people, laptops, cloud storage and online filing services such as Dropbox have made it possible to work from virtually anywhere in the house, so it’s no longer necessary to have a dedicated room solely as an office space.

Instead of converting an extra bedroom into a home office, consider making improvements and upgrades that will help you to multi-task.  Converting spare bedrooms into multi-functional spaces for work, exercise and even socializing.

Tips for Multi-Tasking Offices and Multi-Purpose Spaces

  • Good Lighting – This may seem obvious, but it’s vital for any home office or multi-purpose space.  Try increasing the amount of natural light that enters your multi-purpose office space by adding solar-powered, fresh-air skylights, and incorporating passive ventilation, which can be a very cost-effective way to bring in natural light.  Also, solar-powered blinds now come in designer colors and patterns which will help enrich the blended decor of a multi-use room.
  • Create separate functional spaces – One method is by using a folding screen to partition off the room’s work area, or hanging curtains to conceal lesser-used sections of a room when not in use. You can also use the room’s layout to create a natural flow. One example would be to move a desk and shelving into an attic dormer area as office space.
  • Maximize all spaces – If you’re turning a bedroom into a multi-purpose office, convert the walk-in closet or reach-in closet into a cozy spot for a workspace. You can place a small desk inside, or hang wide shelving that can function as a workspace for your laptop, printer and files. When you’re not working, simply close the closet door.
  • Organization is Key – Whenever a room has to serve more than one purpose, organization is critical. If you don’t have the space for filing cabinets, or simply don’t like the way they look, bookcases and shelving can be a great alternative. Don’t overlook the possibilities presented by extra wall space; you can layer shelves to maximize storage space above your desk/work area.

Today, homeowners are smarter and want more functional space. The multi-function home office is one solution that is beginning to gain popularity.

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