Large Walk-in Master closets these days are so elaborate and well-designed that people are wanting to spend more time inside of them. These closets need lighting not to only enhance visibility, but to offer maximum functionality of the closet itself. Combining closet lighting and precise placement a regular Walk-in closet can transform into a luxurious boutique.

Highlight Your Collection. The key to glamourous closet effect would be to highlight pieces of your collection. Whether its clothes, shoes, jewelry or items you deem that should stand out, lighting can make a world of difference and make each item pop. LED lights are a good example of this since they are energy efficient, last longer and generate less heat making your closet stay comfortable while looking fabulous.

Puck Lighting. Puck lighting surrounds top sections of your closet creating an overall foundation for your space allowing it to illuminate both sides.

 Wattage. Paying attention to the wattage of your LED lighting is imperative since they come in many different settings. LED lights that are close to three watts are high intensity and suitable for those who want a customized wardrobe showcase. Lower watts, one to two, bulbs provide just enough ambience to look beautiful and not be intrusive.

Above Versus Below. Adding lighting above your closet or at the base of the closet can make your clothes stand out in couple of ways. Shining light on your clothes from above is the most straightforward way of showcasing them. If you want to go a little bit bolder, installing lights at the base of the closet gives it a unique floating effect that’s for certain to impress anyone that comes to view it.

The Finish. Keeping in mind your closet’s finish is vital. The brightness of your lighting can complement or clash with your belongings and walls. If you want dark colors, go brighter and if you’d like bright colors, go softer.

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