A wonderful closet is something many people desire and will stretch to great lengths for. We don’t suggest utilizing your closet space by taking over your complete home, but we do suggest in you getting started making your closets, whether Walk-in or Reach-in, flow closely with your personal style.

Most of us can enjoy our home because it usually has at least one great closet that doesn’t cost us a pretty penny. But, if you’re trying to decide whether to create a Walk-in closet or a smaller Reach-in closet consider this Pros and Cons list before making your final decision. Depending on if you an aspiring minimalist or a fashion lover who needs their beauty retreat, these two types of closets can match your wants and needs.

The main difference as you might already know between a Walk-in versus a Reach-in is the size. A walk-in is probably perfect for you if you love your shoes and need to have them displayed as a fabulous collection. And on the other hand, if you love simplicity and functionality you probably should opt for a reach-in. A walk-in closet can be good for your big and bold personality and a reach-in closet can be the perfect solution for keeping it simple at home and living extravagantly out in the world.

Walk-in Pros & Cons:

Pro: Used for a dressing room and for storage

Con: Can use up too much space if you have a small home

Pro: Can accommodate more than one person such as spouse, children, friends

Con: Privacy may be an issue if shared with other people

Pro: Has enough space to add accessories or custom furniture (cabinets, racks, hooks, shelves)

Con: If not organized correctly can be a huge mess

Reach-in Pros & Cons:

Pro: Can help you and your home become minimalistic and completely eliminate clutter in your life

Con: You most likely need to be okay with having less stuff and not be attached to material items

Pro: Easy to organize and allows you to know exactly what you have because of the efficient use of space

Con: If you have many seasonal items a small closet may not have the correct amount of storage space

Pro: Helps in providing assistance in staying organized and utilize space by getting creative

Con: You may feel overwhelmed with fitting everything into a smaller space and downsizing

Whichever style you have considering these pros and cons is vital in deciding which closet is best for you and your lifestyle. The best advice to have is to make sure you choose a system that fits your needs perfectly and will make you happy and healthy at the end of the day! With the help of Masterpiece Closets, we can help design your dream walk-in or reach-in closet.  We have many custom styles, features, and designs to help turn your closet into a wonderful personal space that you will enjoy for years.

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When you select Masterpiece Closets and Storage Solutions, you’re guaranteed to get an experienced team that can create the gorgeous and functional dream space you desire. Regardless, if you’re looking to create your dream walk-in closet, reach-in closet, laundry room, home office, or garage, the storage solution experts at Masterpiece Closets are here to help you.   Contact Masterpiece Closets Today!

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