No matter if you are living in a spacious house or studio apartment, it is for certain that space will always be a top priority. The way that your budget affects the amount of square footage provided in your space it is only practical to come up with ideas that allow you to make the most of it. Here are some fun and unique space saving designs that won’t compromise your comfort or convenience:

Utilize the Walls. Here is where shelving comes to play a big part in space saving. You can dedicate an entire wall if you’d like, from floor to ceiling with a shelving system that’s able to free up space and be used for various purposes. Mounting a TV is a good example of this as well as additional compartments for storage.

Get a Wall Bed! One new vision you can incorporate in your bedroom would be considering a wall bed. Built-in furniture is essential when it comes to smaller spaces and can be multifaceted as well. If you’re not ready to stow it away during the day, just fold it in half to make a comfy couch along with giving your room more floor space and a neat transition of style. And when you are ready for bed is it as simple as just pulling it out and tucking yourself in.

Adjust the Size of Your Furniture. Large and bulky pieces of furniture do a good job in cramping up bedroom or any compact space. If you can look into pieces that are proportionate to the scale of your room you are making for a more efficient space that suites your needs. Beds and tables that come with hidden storage and compartments are other ideas that make for efficient storage. This way you won’t break the bank and can invest in personal or customized pieces that are also helpful with creating more space.

Wall Beds in Orlando, FL – Wall Bed

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